Synthetic Polycarboxylic Ether Powder

We are leading manufacturer of Polycarboxylate Ether Powder (PCE)

This PCE powder is made of free-flowing, spray-dried synthetic polymers based on polycarboxylate ether. PCE polymers have been specially optimized for the plasticization and reduction of water from cement-based building materials and calcium sulphate.

Uses of PCE powder:

This chemical powder is very useful for the production of very high-quality water reducers that have a considerable performance for some specific industries with the help of this raw material. It maintains two to three hours and has a long settlement retention. It has a very excellent type of dispersion and has the effect of self-comparing. With the help of this effect, it can easily produce self-compacting superfluid concrete of various grades of high strength. It can substantially increase the strength of the concrete both early and late and, due to this, it also increases the construction schedule of the project.


The advantage of PCE are as below:

  • High water reducing ability.
  • Easy to use any cement grade.
  • Improve concrete setting time.
  • Produces cohesive and non-segregating concrete mixtures.
  • Small dosage level.
  • Low concrete viscosity.
  • Increase compressive and flexural strength of concrete at all ages.
  • More than 30 % water reduction in high performance concrete.
  • Linear water reduction throughout the recommended dosage.
  • Faster recycle of formwork owing to accelerated early strength development.
  • Close textured fair faced smooth concrete.
  • Rheoplastic self-leveling and self compacting concrete.
  • Economical concrete design.



PARAMETER                           VALUE
Appearance                             Cream coloured Powder
pH value                                     (1:10) 6.5 ± 0.5
Solubility                                    Readily soluble in water
Solid content Minimum      95.0 %
Bulk density                             0.45 – 0.55 gm/cc
Packaging Size                       40 Kg
Packaging Type                      HDPE Bag
Brand                                           Addage


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