Our infrastructure is spread over an area of 2500 square meters and has an installed capacity of 8000MT. All our machines and equipment are advanced and modern, with all the necessary facilities for mixing, formulation and storage. With respect to these machines, we have successfully met the requirements of the foundries, chemicals and minerals industries.

In addition to this, we are able to provide our range of bulk minerals with all these checked at every level of the processing process. In addition, all our machines are managed by our competent team members who are well versed in the details of mines & minerals production.

Expert Team

Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd has an expert, experienced and dedicated, in one word, a highly competent team of experts that acts as our loyal backbone. They are well versed in the complexities of mineral production and their scientific genius allows us to always produce the purest products. Together with their academic experience and qualifications, they regularly organize training and interactive sessions and update our team with the latest advances in the minerals industry.

Quality Assurance

Quality is not an act It is a habit; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.

Quality assurance and quality control refer to the processes that companies use to ensure that the product, component and quality are maintained or improved and that manufacturing errors are reduced or eliminated. It can be carried out internally or by an independent body.

Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd provides its customers with consistently superior quality and regulated supplies that have established its reputation as a reliable source of quality products. Our main objective is to maintain quality standards at all levels. Our commitment to our customers helps us to offer a qualitative range of products that stand out for their purity and finesse.

Customer and Logistics Service

One of the main reasons why businesses keep coming back to us is the quality of our customer service. Our first-class customer service is an integral part of the service we offer and does not stop once we have delivered your product. We are always available to solve problems, share solutions and discuss ideas in person, over the phone or over the Internet.

We also take responsibility for being aware of any changes in legislation that may affect the products we manufacture. We will supply the Material Safety Data Sheet when necessary at no additional cost or we will work on a functional alternative to reduce toxicity. Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd’s global network of service and distribution facilities provides a rapid response to the needs of customers wherever they are in the world. Effective management of the entire supply chain is becoming an increasingly important aid to competitiveness.

In addition, with years of experience and good relations, Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd knows well the advantages for these manufacturers in the supply of materials that can choose the most suitable source.