About Us

Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd has successfully established itself in West Bengal, India in 2008 as a reputed global player in the manufacture and supply of chemicals, mines and minerals, etc. Since our inception, we have been committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations with quality and cost-effective products. The acquisition of immense knowledge and expertise has led us to an impressive level of being one of the leading providers in this competitive field. Through clear goals and strategies, we have maintained our position by producing high quality and effective chemicals and minerals such as microsilica or silica fume, ground blast furnace slag powder, Cenosphere / Microsphere, synthetic polycarboxylic acid ether powder, quartz powder, activated carbon. and natural graphite powder, etc., which are mainly used for cement industries, concrete, paint, refractories, steel industries, water purification and so on. Our products are widely accepted by the various industries in the domestic as well as international market.

In recent years, we have grown to meet the new challenges of the market through product development, in-depth research and development, continuous process improvement and commitment to high-quality standards. Because of our concerns about quality and value for money, we strive to achieve total customer satisfaction through the competitive value of quality products and services, timely deliveries and the integrity of a comprehensive quality system that promotes the continuous improvement of our services, and operations.

With many years of good reputation and good service in the international market, Metrecon Industries Pvt Ltd has established excellent business relationships with customers from all over the world.

To expand our business and serve our customers better, we cooperate with many multinational companies in depth and become strategic partners with them. We can offer customers “one-stop” service for a mix of different objects according to your purchase plan, which can save your freight, Save funds and keep your goods all the ways in good condition and low stock.